مجموعة ورق جدران 109

This wallpaper is a high-quality finishing material of a new generation.
Redecoration of the room will be really quick with our new collection. Forget about traditional papering – we present you a new quick method (adhesive is applied only to the walls so that you can paste dry wallpaper what is much easier; moreover this wallpaper doesn’t shrink or stretch, so you can easily match the pattern). Your next redecoration will also be fast and simple – you can just paint the walls or contaminated places. This wallpaper is easy to remove – no soaking, just strip the wallpaper in one piece.
Non-woven is an environmentally clean paperlike material with a smooth surface, it contains synthetic and cellular fiber. Non-woven is a hardwearing material that’s why this kind of wallpaper is a heavy-duty and shape-stable one, it avoids fall of plaster from walls or ceiling and appearance of small cracks. Moreover you don’t need any special wall preparation.
Wallpapers from the “V.I.P. Class” collection have excellent colour fastness to light and are breathable, what is especially important for living space; besides they can be painted to ten times with acrylic and latex paints. Due to this combination of qualities this wallpaper is really the best one for your rooms.
Having a successful combination of interesting textures, radiant colours and tasteful designs this non-woven based wallpaper perfectly suits both modern and classic interiors. Bring a touch of luxury and elegance into your home!

Size of the roll 0,53м х 10,05м = 5,3м2